Sober Living Program

Sober Living at North Jersey Rehabs

In many cases, individuals who are recovering from addiction can enter a sober living community after receiving NJ addiction services. At North Jersey Rehabs, we offer the full continuum of care including sober living programs. Our sober living program can help you maintain sobriety and continue overcoming addiction one day at a time!

What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober home communities provide recovering individuals with opportunities for growth. They also offer transitional tools for success once people are back to living on their own. New Jersey sober living communities base their roots on NJ addiction services and provide you with additional support systems.

The transitional phase in a treatment program often integrates sober living. A sober home is not solely used as a treatment plan. Typically, a person will need to successfully complete an addiction treatment program to qualify for a sober home community. Sober living is one of the final steps before going back to living at home or in a less structured environment.

At North Jersey Rehabs, sober living options are crucial in maintaining the focus that was instilled during NJ addiction services. This final step can be difficult for many individuals and sober living helps provide people with the final tools necessary to remain in recovery.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

There are many benefits of living in a sober community. This transitional step allows seamless integration into society.

Support Groups: When you are part of a sober home community, you will access support groups that share your same values and motivations. You will be able to communicate with your peers and talk about your concerns, as well as get answers to questions you may have. This helps you to feel a sense of community where you live. It also enables you to have people in your life who will hold you accountable for your actions and celebrate your successes!

Increased Independence: When living in a sober home community, you will find that you have an increased sense of freedom and independence. Although you will have access to medical professionals and support systems, you will essentially be living more independently, making your own decisions. This can help provide a smooth transition phase into living completely on your own. Your team will help to teach you healthy coping mechanisms and how to handle your possible triggers.

Transportation and Career Services: As part of integrating back into a normal day-to-day routine individuals often need assistance with transportation and finding a job. At North Jersey Rehabs, we offer many transportation services and vocational assistance programs to aid in this integration process. Worrying about how you will find work or get to and from your job can be stressful. Stress is a common trigger for individuals in recovery and our goal is to eliminate this stress by accommodating this need.

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North Jersey Rehabs provides sober living in the New Jersey area. They feature a dedicated team of experienced professionals that aim to provide each client with an individualized experience. Upon arrival, you will be provided with an expert evaluation and presented with a customized schedule to help maintain focus. Experience sober living in North Jersey with the caring professionals at North Jersey Rehabs. Contact us now to learn more.