Tips For Staying Sober On Vacation

Do you have big plans in store for your next vacation? If it’s been a while since you’ve had some time away, especially if you have been focused on maintaining your sobriety, then you should absolutely plan a getaway for your physical and mental sanity. While going on vacation usually means relaxing and being carefree, the presence of alcohol and other substances could always tempt even the most resilient, making sobriety seem much tougher. But, there is a silver lining. You can have fun on vacation and stay sober at the same time. Here is how one can manage staying sober on vacation.

#1- Setting Your Intentions Before Getting Travel Credentials

One of the more difficult aspects of traveling is the anticipation of what it will be like. Due to this, you will want to decide on your intentions as they relate to drugs and alcohol before embarking on your trip. If you want to ensure that this upcoming trip is not going to be a pass to use, it might be best to make that commitment as early as possible in the planning process. Additionally, start picturing how you want the trip to go and what to expect from the destination, instead of worrying about what could go wrong. Focus on what you want the outcome to be, not what could happen. 

#2- Prioritize Self-Care

Staying sober on vacation will be much easier if you can employ self-care tactics. Always strive to eat healthily and regularly, exercise, and strive to sleep consistently every night. Take alone time when it’s needed. Many travel companies, resorts, and cruise lines, will offer substance-free environments. In fact, some of these destinations may even offer sober music festivals, spas, yoga retreats, camping, to name a few. Not only will the vacation be enjoyable and void of triggers, but you will also be surrounded by a hodgepodge of people in recovery.

#3- Rely On Your Sober Support System

The sober support system you have cultivated from addiction treatment in Fairbanks NJ, is a constant reminder that you are never alone in this battle. Your home support group is always there, but while on vacation, various cities across the globe will also provide you with ample resources. Making help easy, no matter where you are. If you ever need assistance finding a meeting in a specific area, defer to our addiction resources at any time.

#4- Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside The Tourist Box

All it takes is a quick search to determine what out of the ordinary adventure you can take on your next vacation. Rather than doing the conventional, take the time to wander around lesser-known sites. The possibilities of what you can uncover are endless. Be open, and operate under the guise of a committed tourist or traveler.

#5- Travel With Like-Minded Companions

It certainly helps to travel with others who are leading a life that is also substance-free. If you are going to travel with a group, ensure that they too are enthralled by some of these unfrequented paths and ideas. You can hold each other accountable and discover new ways for staying sober on vacation as a cohesive unit. 

#6- Plan For Coping With Triggers

If your teachings from addiction treatment in Fairbanks NJ have taught you anything, it’s that there is always a way to mitigate the onset of triggers and triggering environments. Knowing your strongest triggers is half the battle. What should follow is a planned way to react, should  you encounter them in your travels. Thinking ahead is an excellent method for handling triggers in a healthy way. 

Staying Sober On Vacation: Soaring High With The Building Blocks From Addiction Treatment In Fairbanks NJ

Traveling presents some interesting challenges, but if you plan accordingly and maintain connection with your sober network, all will go swimmingly. If you have any questions about sobriety, addiction recovery, or anything pertaining to substance use disorders, contact North Jersey Rehabs today! 


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