How Sober Living Homes Provide Transitional Tools For Success

A lot of research has been conducted on the efficacy of sober living homes. This is primarily due to their environmental factors that separate them from typical neighborhoods. Sober living homes are facilities used by those recovering from substance abuse. It serves as a temporary environment between rehab and mainstream society. It’s usually a good follow up for patients that have completed a residential treatment program and are ready to start transitioning into independent living. North Jersey Rehabs will provide sober living programs in Bergen County for patients who are ready to take the next step. Here is how sober living homes provide transitional tools for success.

Fostering Employment Opportunities

A 2019 study that was published in the Journal Of Substance Abuse Treatment was seeking to identify the characteristics of sober living homes and how they affect certain aspects of patients’ lives. 330 residents were identified across 49 sober living homes. Researchers found that this type of setting actually increased the chances of employment. You might be asking why this is? Well because, sober living programs in Bergen County are constantly reminding residents of their goals and because structure is still in place (e.g.; substance-free living environment, 12-step programs, etc.) those in recovery are likely to feel more confident in applying and interviewing for various job positions.

Providing Social Support

Peer support along with recovery services, can vastly improve a person’s outlook on their life. Social support can help those in sober living facilities with the following:

  • Support: Receiving love and support from the sober community. Helps people in recovery feel like they are a part of a special community.
  • Education: Services will be provided to help many in sober living homes gain access to resources that could be applicable in their daily lives.
  • Empowerment: Clothing, food, and housing are basic needs for those in addiction recovery. If their essential needs are fulfilled, it can have a positive impact on their growth potential. 
  • Directions: Therapy, 12-step programs, and other recovery-related activities will provide guidance for those who are slowly making their way back into society. It’s a journey full of bumps and roadblocks, but the end result is well worth the effort. 

Reinforcing Sobriety

A common fear for many who are returning home from rehab is the thought/action of becoming triggered and relapsing. Relapse is always a possibility, no matter who you are or how long you have been in recovery. The environment you live in is more influential than you may realize. As we mentioned in the previous section, peer support is instrumental in enhancing a person’s success. It helps those in the midst of their journey feel understood, recognize the vulnerability in others going through the same thing, identify with recovery paths that other people are taking, receiving confrontation in a loving way, and above all, holding each other accountable. There is no denying that social support is one of the strongest factors of motivation. When someone is surrounded by people who truly care about your success, the results can definitely be transformative.

Restoring Your Life Skills

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, a myriad of other obligations are cast to the wayside. This can include healthy eating, exercising regularly, cleaning your home, or maintaining your personal hygiene. Sober living will inundate you with the structure that was either devoid altogether in your life or was severely lacking. Sober living programs in Bergen County will provide assistance in learning how to re-establish a routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By learning how to rebuild your life skills, not only will it give you the drive to oversee and maintain your routine, but you will also develop your interpersonal skills in the process. This can include effectively dealing with any challenges, improving your financial literacy, and any other practical skills needed to take care of yourself independently without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Empowerment In The Community

Sober living programs in Bergen County truly provide unique settings for those in addiction recovery to thrive in their normal lives. Support programs are abundant in their offerings and when patients are immersed in these programs, it allows them to follow a structure that aids in their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The Road To Success Made Easy With Sober Living Programs In Bergen County

The team at North Jersey Rehabs understands the complexities for newcomers who are ready to take the next step in their recovery. Through our sober living programs in Bergen County, we will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you don’t veer off the path to a prosperous, sober way of living. To get started with your next phase of recovery, contact us today to finalize your involvement.

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