Signs That You Are A Weekend Alcoholic

It’s a common misconception that alcoholics are sloppy, jobless people who spend all of their time drinking all day, every day. This is not necessarily the case. As a matter of fact, some people who only drink on the weekends can even be considered an alcoholic. Having provided alcohol addiction treatment in New Jersey for many years, North Jersey Rehabs is acutely aware of the variations of alcoholics that exist. Regardless of your usage, a person becoming an alcoholic is a gradual process. For today, let’s address the signs that you are a weekend alcoholic.

What Is A Weekend Alcoholic?

Pretty self-explanatory from the name, but for specificity, a weekend alcoholic is any person who usually only drinks on the weekends. But, their weekend drinking is easily characterized as binge-drinking or drinking heavily. An alcoholic, regardless of their frequency, may start off with one drink, and it could eventually lead to more and more until the issue is basically uncontrolled. Alcoholism has variations which includes weekend alcoholism. It’s very easy to become dependent or addicted to alcohol, even if you only consume it on the weekends.

Risks Of Weekend Alcohol Abuse

People who binge-drink on the weekends are likely to deal with insomnia and alcohol dependence. Drinking heavily on the weekends can eventually lead to trouble with breathing, liver problems, and symptoms of alcohol poisoning. More importantly, being or becoming a weekend alcoholic can put a damper on your individual relationships, social skills, and career goals. 

Identifying The Signs And Symptoms

Because of all the risks, it’s important to catch this specific type of alcohol abuse before it persists, and becomes a larger than life issue. If someone drinks heavily every weekend, there is a good chance that they may be developing or already have an alcohol use disorder.

Here are some signs that could classify someone as a weekend alcoholic:

  • They find it difficult to stop after having one or two drinks
  • They are overcome with guilt for over drinking or drinking too frequently
  • Getting in trouble with the law while intoxicated
  • Behaving differently when they drink
  • Becoming aggressive or violent when they drink
  • Thinking about drinking even when you are not drinking
  • Feeling the need to stick with their habitual weekend drinking habits
  • Underestimating how much they drink
  • Repeatedly having blackouts
  • Using alcohol as a reward
  • Lying about drinking
  • Changing your priorities

If any of these signs and symptoms have any relevance in your life or someone you love, it may be time to consider cutting down on drinking and to receive alcohol addiction treatment in New Jersey.

Stereotypes Of An Alcoholic And Acceptance Of Alcohol

The acceptance of alcohol makes it easier for someone to become a weekend alcoholic. Since alcohol is a heavy social lubricant, it does take away the stigma of becoming an alcoholic. Alcohol is all around us. At every celebration, whether it be for a new job, promotion, wedding, alcohol is there to celebrate with you. Stereotypes also make it harder to determine what is an alcoholic. How an alcoholic is portrayed on TV is not always indicative of how it plays out in real life. Because of this long-held stereotype, it can make for a difficult time in determining if someone is an alcoholic or not. There are people who function well while drinking-we call these individuals functional alcoholics

A functional alcoholic can hide their weekend binges and are particularly good at pulling the wool over the eyes of their loved one’s and other’s close to them. They might be able to function at work, and maintain balance in their family lives, but that does not mean that the concerns are eliminated. At any point, a functioning alcoholic can turn into a non-functioning alcoholic. Gradually, the weekend alcoholic will need more and more alcohol to get the same pleasures they got when they first started drinking. In terms of detecting this type of alcoholic, it’s not always easy to discern. The person themselves may not even realize that they are a weekend alcoholic, and could likely fall into the thought process that this is “self-deserved”.

Putting A Stop To Weekend Alcohol Binges: Getting Help From Alcohol Addiction Treatment In New Jersey

It’s vital that you get all the facts on any disease involving alcohol. Knowledge is the first crucial step towards your recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with weekend alcoholism or binge drinking of any kind, contact us at North Jersey Rehabs. You will be so glad that you took this brave first step in commencing treatment.


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