PHP Or IOP: Which Rehab Program Is Right For Me?

Did you know that about 46% of Americans have a friend or family member with a current or past addiction? Without the proper treatment, you might not find the resources you need to fight off the restraints of your addiction. Have you begun the process of researching rehabilitation options? If not, you might want to consider the differences between IOP and PHP during your search. With that being said, you will need to determine which is the right choice, given your personal situation. With this blog, our team of IOP and PHP treatment specialists will help you make an informed decision before you trudge along with treatment. Read on to see which rehab program is right for you.

What Is A PHP Program?

Let’s start by addressing the question that most of you are likely asking: What is a PHP program and what does it stand for? PHP stands for Partial Hospitalization Program. With this type of treatment, the patient isn’t required to spend nights at the facility. Instead, the treatment is approached as a full-time, outpatient addiction treatment program. The program will usually run five days a week, 6-8 hours a day. There are a few reasons that you may want to consider a PHP program. 

One of the biggest reasons that it could prove to be advantageous is because it gives patients the freedom to leave at the end of the day. You can choose to either return home or to your sober living community. If you lead a busy life or live with others, a PHP is an ideal choice. Additionally, PHP programs could be beneficial for those who are sober and in recovery, but recently relapsed. The program can provide follow-up care and supportive treatment so that you can maintain your sobriety. A PHP program can allow you to grow more disciplined, making it easier to eventually maintain your sobriety on your own.

The decision to place a patient in PHP is contingent on the following:

  • Per the discretion of the doctor and treatment staff
  • The severity of the patient’s illness
  • The patient’s history
  • The environment
  • A patient’s support system

If you have any additional questions or insight on the intricacies of this program, North Jersey Rehab’s IOP and PHP treatment specialists are more than happy to assist.

How Does A PHP Program Work?

While immersed in a PHP program, you will take part in therapy sessions. Treatment professionals will monitor your stability and progression with each passing day. At the end of the day, you will go home. Now just because you aren’t receiving immediate attention when leaving the facility, it does not mean that you are incapable of establishing support networks to ensure your safety. Partial hospitalization programs will grant you access to a wide range of therapies. Including one on one session, group sessions, or in some cases, family counseling if your IOP and PHP treatment specialists recommend it. 

Group sessions aren’t always hosted at the treatment facility. Sometimes, you might partake in recreational activities in tandem with your group. Whether it’s hiking, day trips, etc, The fundamentals of these programs are definitely built with inclusivity and comfort in mind. Be sure to explore the services of the facility before making a commitment to a program that suits your needs. 

PHP treatment can sometimes be more demanding than IOP. The intensity of treatment closely embodies what’s found in residential recovery programs. However, safety will never be a concern, as the treatment staff will help you with the transition as well as maintaining a routine. Despite the fact that a PHP takes longer, we find that it helps patients avoid the temptations that could cause a relapse. The exact care you receive will depend on your individual needs. A treatment plan will be developed to ensure that your needs are met.

What Is An IOP?

IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. While similar to PHP, an IOP often lends itself to being a more flexible option. An IOP offers a structured model of care that is designed to help patients overcome their battles with substance abuse. As we previously stated with PHP, the level of care all depends on the individual case of the patient. IOP’s are more considerate of your home and work life, but the support you receive will never wane. Treatment centers may go down a few different routes when deciding how to manage your IOP. For instance, you might decide to structure a schedule that allows you to continue working and attending therapy sessions after work. In other scenarios, scheduling sessions during the weekend will work out as well. When a person has kept up with their sobriety for a few months, the IOP and PHP treatment specialists will help you address these deep-rooted issues that are directly tied to your addictions. 

How Is An IOP Structured?

Just like a PHP, you will be required to take part in both group and one on one sessions. Your treatment team will also discuss the various treatment options based on your needs. Group therapies could be a great outlet for mitigating the feelings of isolation that are often harbored, during the journey of recovery. IOP’s will take longer than inpatient treatment to complete. In addition to this, you are expected to remain honest with yourself about both your medical and psychological needs. 

Discussing Next Steps With Our IOP and PHP treatment Specialists 

As a team of empathetic professionals, North Jersey Rehabs will help you select a treatment program that will further your journey down the road of success. To get started with your next step, contact us today! 


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