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An estimated 556,341 people lived in Union County in 2019, and 1,508 entered a treatment center for help with their heroin use disorders. The state of New Jersey has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, so it isn’t hard to believe that the number of people in need of treatment is much higher than the number that received it that year.

Many people do not seek treatment for alcohol or drug abuse because they just do not want to give their drugs of choice up. These people use substances to help them cope with the difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. Many others believe that treatment doesn’t help. This belief is prevalent if respondents have been in a treatment program before and relapsed. Others are unwilling to obtain treatment because it is so easy for them to obtain their drugs of choice.

One of the top reasons that people do not seek treatment for drug or alcohol use disorders is because treatment facilities were far from their homes. In Union County, this isn’t an issue because North Jersey Rehabs are practically right in these residents’ backyards. They can receive several types of treatment at North Jersey Rehabs, including the following:

Alcohol Rehab

More residents in Union County entered drug or alcohol treatment centers than in any other county in New Jersey. A total of 1,983 Union County residents or 68% received treatment. If your loved one is refusing to enter a treatment center because it would be too far from home, you can let him or her know that treatment centers exist in Union County.

Many people also stated that they were afraid to go into treatment for alcohol use disorder or AUD because they are afraid of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. North Jersey Rehabs’ detoxification program gives clients medications so that they do not have to experience withdrawal symptoms. The treatment only begins with the detox process; it doesn’t end there. After the detox process is over, treatment continues with several types of therapy that reduce and eliminate your loved one’s addiction to alcohol.

Drug Rehab

A major reason that people use illicit substances is the way that these substances make them feel. During the pandemic, they may have experienced some difficult times. They are happy to have their drugs of choice to help them cope. Your loved one may be resisting treatment because he doesn’t want to give up the feeling that he gets from drugs. However, your loved one may be much happier after being relieved of this addiction.

At North Jersey Rehabs, we treat your loved one in the detox program first. Then, he or she will no longer want to seek drugs daily. After that, our psychologists and therapists place your loved one in therapy that will end his psychological addiction to his drugs of choice. Then, he can move on with his life without needing to continue his drug-seeking behaviors.

One example is individual therapy. With this therapy, your loved one will have his or her therapist. She will be able to bring up any issue that comes to mind without worrying about what her peers think. They also have group therapy that allows them to see that they are not alone. They learn that other people are experiencing the same things that they are experiencing. They also receive moral support from their fellow residents. You may also be able to join your loved one in family therapy.

Medical Detox

Several people avoided drug or alcohol treatment because they were afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. A significant number were also concerned about becoming addicted to the medications they would receive in medical detox. The Food and Drug Administration or FDA approved several medications for use in medical detox centers. Some of these medications can cause addictions, but the staff ensures that its clients do not become addicted to these medications.

When your loved one first enters the medical detox program, the clinician takes his or her medical history and history of drug use. They choose a medication based on this history. Your loved one also undergoes a medical examination. After this is over, the medical staff chooses the most appropriate medication, and they ensure that your loved one does not become addicted to it.

Inpatient Rehab

If your loved one has been using substances for a long period, he or she will need to enter an inpatient rehab center. With long-term use of substances, your loved one will likely experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use of these substances. Since the withdrawal process is only the beginning, he will need to spend more time at the treatment center in therapy.

This option requires that he live at the treatment center, but this is the best option for someone with a long-term problem. The hardest addiction to treat is one that has been going on for several years or decades.

Partial Hospitalization Program

People also refuse to go into treatment because of the high relapse rate. Relapsing does not mean that drug or alcohol treatment did not work; it means that these people needed to try something new. A partial hospitalization program is an option for after someone completes a stay in an inpatient rehab center. If you or your loved one believes that an inpatient program will not be enough, you may move on to the partial hospitalization program.

Outpatient Rehab

Another option is an outpatient rehab program. Your loved one would not be required to live at the facility in this case. It would be a way for your loved one to continue obtaining treatment for his or her substance use disorder. This also lowers the risk of relapse.

Sober Living

Sober living homes also allow people to continue treatment for substance use. They provide residents with the extra amount of support that they need. Sober living homes keep them from returning to their old environments. So, it is an excellent solution for your loved one if he or she is concerned about relapsing.

If you or your loved one need treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, North Jersey Rehabs are here for you. Contact us today.

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