Drug Munchies Are A Health Risk-Here Is Why

Attack of the munchies. A term that denotes the phenomenon associated with smoking cannabis which results in late night trips to the corner store or fast food restaurant, to stock up on any indulgences you can get your hands on. For anyone that is a frequent smoker of marijuana, suffering from the munchies could have serious, long-term health consequences. Having provided drug addiction services in New Jersey for quite some time now, North Jersey Rehabs seeks to educate our patients on the numerous ways that drugs can affect your life. Here is why the drug munchies are a health risk.

What The Research Tells Us

While other research has focused on the impact of cannabis on the brain or on trying to unpack the mystery of what produces the increased appetite to begin with, a team from the University of Buffalo looked at the nutritional and dietary changes that the drug can induce. It involved more than 11,000 users and non-users between the ages of 20 and 59 were interviewed, given physical examinations, and asked to fill in questionnaires on the food they ate both regularly and recently. 

Blood chemistry tests were also done. Regular users reported that the munchies often struck them without warning and were so intense, that it led them to desperately searching for something that could be eaten immediately. Lacking the time or patience in putting together a hearty meal, they found themselves drawn towards junk food and quick snacks, which tended to be loaded with sugar and salt, but low in fiber.

The study also found that participants ate fewer fruits and veggies and had lower levels of essential antioxidants in their blood. Marijuana is also thought to have a severe effect on levels of vitamins and minerals. Users also drank more beer, spirits, and high-calorie drinks. These erratic lifestyle habits could increase the risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer for the long term. 

The Mindset Of The Cannabis Community 2.0

Many who proudly proclaim that they are a part of the modern cannabis community are insistent that they are making healthy choices, even while under the influence. However, a couple of recent studies have continually disproven these assertions, and in reality, not much has changed since the days when post-marijuana smoking involved the ingestion of snack cakes, fast food, and other fatty foods. Regardless of what they call themselves, a majority of America’s cannabis users are still wolfing down junk food to satisfy their prodigious appetites. 

Another study that was published in the journal of the International Society of Human Ethology finds that the majority of marijuana users are still apt to consume copious amounts of junk food. The conclusion was made when researchers at the University of Buffalo surveyed hundreds of stoned attendees at a marijuana legalization event to find out which foods they were more likely to eat to combat the onset of munchies. The participants were given a choice between a bag of chips or an orange once they were finished. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents grabbed the chips on the way out the door, while 32% picked up the fruit. Another 7% did not have a clue which munchie item they wanted, so they chose to exit the study empty-handed. Researchers are worried that with increased legalization, the country will experience an uptick in health issues related to poor nutrition. Moreover, many of the companies that provide these foods will continue to capitalize on these effects and what they do to a user’s decision-making ability. 

The bottom line?

These junk food pushers know who their customers are, and they aren’t exactly members of the fitness community, either.

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